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Strategy and structure


The school’s deep cultivation plan for higher education upholds the spirit of cultivating high-quality technical talents. It focuses on student learning and integrates teaching innovation features. In addition to emphasizing deepening basic core abilities, strengthening Chinese and foreign language skills, computational thinking and programming language skills, it also Focus on strengthening the breadth and depth of teaching innovation, enhancing practical application and experiential teaching mode, so as to enhance teachers' teaching quality and students' competitiveness, and meet the needs of industrial upgrading and social development.

The plan of this issue is to take the learning and growth of students as the rooted axis, to improve the quality of the school's teaching, and to develop the school's characteristics to achieve the goal of "teaching" and "learning". Planning the four main axes of A, B, C, D and 10 sub-projects, all corresponding to the implementation strategy of the school development and sustainable development goals SDGs, so that the implementation of the higher education plan and the sustainable development of the school Combine, the main axis, sub-projects and sub-projects.


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